"Good night blues" Chris Gage & Spider play Tom Peterson's wonderful song.

"Funny how time slips away" Dave Scher, Spider MacKenzie, Brannen Temple, Chris Maresh, Austin TX 2018

Spider jams with The Peacemakers @ The Evangeline Cafe, Austin TX, Sept 23rd 2015 "Keep our business to ourselves" & "Lollipop Mama"

"Rosie" with Steve Crawford live at Kult 41, Bonn, Germany

Dik Banovich & Spider play "Richland Woman" together in Brittany France. The last time they played together was twenty years ago. This was recorded May 2016

The Heart of Saturday Night with Steve Crawford

Socks no shoes

"Lou-Easy-Ann" Chris Gage + Matt Giles + Spider MacKenzie at Strange Brew Austin TX.

"One Good Year" Chris Gage + Spider MacKenzie + Matt Gilles

Spider sits in on "Hickory Wind" Jimmy LaFave, Christine Albert, Bill Kirchen, Jimmy Davis & friends

Spider jams with Bill Kirchen & Spider Mackenzie & Austin DeLone "Bright Lights Big City" 29 Sept-2015

Speak The Truth - Steve Crawford & Spider MacKenzie

Hamilton Loomis & Spider MacKenzie jam at The Blue Lamp June 2015

Apologises for the sideways beginning. Fabian Hernandez blows a wonderful sax solo from 2mins 45 seconds. Spider takes a solo at 4mins 55 seconds. Apologises for change/fip to landscape at the end

Steve Crawford and Spider MacKenzie 5AM

Chris Gage & Friends play "Goodnight Blues" by Tom Peterson at Strange Brew Austin Texas

I had the great pleasure playing with some of Austin Texas's finest musicians as part of Chris Gage 's regular Strange Brew concert. This song is a Tom Peterson (from South Dakota) song called "Good nightblues". Tom writes gorgeous songs. Chris Gage is on piano/voice. David Carroll double bass, Boyd Bristow (south Dakota), Paul Pearcy drums. Chis has described Tom Peterson as being his favourite song writer and you can see why. Worth checking out also is an album by Chris Gage and Christine Albert AKA Albert and Gage. Chris & Christine did of Tom's songs called Dakota Lullaby. It's a great album

"On That Beautiful Day" Tom Peterson, Chris Gage + friends play Tom's song. Spider takes a ride at 2mins 21seconds

Tom Peterson was Chris Gage's guest in Strange Brew, Austin TX. Tom sings his gorgeous song "On that beautiful day". The band are Tom on vocals, Boyd Bristow guitar, Chis Gage keys, Spider MacKenzie harmonica, Paul Pearcy drums, David Carroll double bass.